[gratisdns-announce] New version of Client software

Torsten Mueller torsten at archesoft.de
Mon Jul 4 00:48:44 CEST 2005


a new version of the gdnsupdater software is available under
User Downloads as gdns0-33.zip.

Please test it and report about bugs/success.

It updates A records of zones loaded on ns0.xtremeweb.de.
The own IP will be retrieved from the web.
All configuration is done in a webinterface.
So this application is mostly useful for Dial Up
users, who get a dynamic IP.

The exe file is for the Windo** platform.
You can put it into your Autostart folder.

The pl script should run under every Perl environment
(with X and all necessary Perl modules installed)

For environments where no X available is, continue
to use the version 0.31

Currently the program contains English and Deutsch
as languages.
If you are a native speaker of another langauge, please
take a look at language.txt and create your translation.
How to do that ?
First copy one language to the end of the file.

Now change from:
$LANGUAGE{'en'} = 'English';
$TR{'en'}{'001'} = 'Force manual Update';

$LANGUAGE{'fr'} = 'français';
$TR{'en'}{'001'} = 'Mise à jour de manuel de force';
... and so on.
Now submit the language.txt to the mailinglist or to me.

Main differences between version 0.31 to 0.33
0.33 contains a GUI, is intended to run permanently
0.33 is timer driven
0.33 doesn't get the own IP from commandline or from a file
0.33 gets the list of A records directly from ns0.xtremeweb.de
0.33 All cnfiguration is done inside the GUI

0.31 can get the IP from a file, commandline parameter, or the
      webserver finds the IP
0.31 has no GUI, it's more "eventdriven" (by starting the script)
0.31 could report via mail

If you have questions, find bugs, please use the user mailinglist
at http://www.gratisdns.de/

Greetings Torsten

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