[gratisdns-announce] New features for dynamic Updates via the http/https gateway

Torsten Mueller torsten at archesoft.de
Thu Mar 16 17:06:28 CET 2006


as you probably now, you can update A records of zones loaded
on ns0.xtremeweb.de with the help of a external programs by using
a http/https gateway, so you don't need to enter the webinterface directly.
In the download section you find some clients.

So what's new ?
In the past you had one account to update A records.
With this account you had the possibility to update
every A record of all of your zones loaded on ns0.xtremeweb.de.

What did change ?
You can now create more than one account to update A records
and you can restrict the rights of the update accounts.

Why this ?
The need came from one user, who wants to use gratisdns.de
to set different hostnames at his costumers, who have a
DSL line without a static IP.
He uses this to administrate remote machines with VNC or
windows terminal service.
But he didn't want, that the costumers are able to update other
A records beside their own.

Who needs the new features ?
Well, everyone, who want to reach costumers with dynamic IPs,
but the costumer should not be able to modify other A records
or zones.

In the new interface to manage the update accounts you
can set the rights, every update account should have, the
expire time of the updatesecret and you can disable
the update account temporarily.

Please report bugs or problems. Thanks

I hope, you enjoy.

Greetings Torsten

P.S. :
The mail gateway is closed, because nobody used it for
around 1 year.
If there's demand from your side, i can reopen it.

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