[gratisdns-announce] [gratisdns] 6 hours downtime of ns0.xtremeweb.de 2012-05-07

Torsten Mueller torsten at archesoft.de
Mon May 7 13:05:40 CEST 2012


today one harddisk of ns0.xtremeweb.de was replaced because
of increasing failure rates showing in S.M.A.R.T.
It seems, there was a communication problem between me
and the datacenter, so there was such a long downtime.
I am sorry about this.

Affected was the operation of
DNS ns0.xtremeweb.de
URL Redirection server
E-Mail Service
Webinterface of gratisdns.de

All other DNS servers (ns3.xtremeweb.de and ns4.xtremeweb.de) were
not affected.

There was NO data loss on ns0.xtremeweb.de, as i replaced the drive
off a RAID1.

In the next 6 hours the harddisks are syncing.

Thanks for your understanding

Greetings Torsten

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